Best Finishing
HEIKER Constant Velocity Joints have the OE specifications. Reliable quality is reflected in the HEIKER CV Joint finishing.
HEIKER answers the needs of the market by being the only manufacturer which produces aftermarket CV Joint in Indonesia.

Material Quality and Special Design
The rubber boot on HEIKER C.V. joint are made from imported rubber material. The strength of our boot is specially designed to protect and maintain the life span of the C.V. Joint. Using the sophisticated system boot molding, when the boot is torn, the boot will not split into two pieces due to the cutting-edge molding system which can avoid the circular tear on flex grooves.


The lifespan of a C.V. Joint depends on the slots of CV Joint balls. HEIKER C.V. Joint is using the Japanese technology to make the finishing of the CV Joint balls holder so that the balls are very smooth and same as the original parts so the product is reliable.

Most of aftermarket products besides Japanese products do not have long lifespan and have rough sound after the product is installed. HEIKER becomes the only choice for customers at an economical price and OEM standard quality.