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First Premium Gas Spring in Indonesia

This June, Sparepartfactory launched their new product, gas spring with the best after market quality. With good standardization of products and material detail also could help consumers who want to obtain a product with the original standard with a very affordable price.

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HEIKER Items Development

The increasing customer demand goes with the growth of the automotive market in Indonesia. As a professional company engaged in automobile spare parts, PT. Mascot International strive to meet consumer demand in Indonesia. In the late 2012 to early 2013, Mascot International significantly developed several new items in HEIKER Suspension Parts. The number of items that only began with 80 types of items, now has grown to 230 types of items.

The development of new items includes 12 Joint Stabilizer Link, Tie rod 77, 36 Ball Joint, 5 Idler Arm, and 21 Constant Velocity Joint. With the increasing number of items, we hope to provide the best quality products and affordable for all customers in Indonesia.

HEIKER New Items

In 2012, Mascot International will develop new items which will be the superior products of Mascot International in the future. The product development of HEIKER Suspension Parts will reach up to 200 items. With the best finishing and the best quality in its class, HEIKER product will be the customers' solution in Indonesia. Customers needn't to buy the expensive original parts. They will only need HEIKER's.